Steps that will help you keep your fishes alive

Goldfish is the most common sea creature kept as a pet in households. This is mainly because they are easy to take care of and almost all pet stores have them for sale. Goldfishes are found in streams and lakes throughout Asia and parts of Eastern Europe and usually live up to 50 years long. These fishes have good eyesight and are conditioned to move nearer to the glass aquarium if they see their owners and hide when other people look at them. Goldfishes are very sociable and can identify shapes and colors; they live long although they need proper care from their owners. Here are a few tips that can help you keep alive your scaly friends.

  1. Make sure your water is clean

When you put water in your aquarium, don’t get it straight from the faucet. Place the water first in a jar and leave it for 24 hours so as to get rid of poisonous chemicals that might harm your pet.


2. Vast space

Make sure to keep your fish in an aquarium that has enough space for him to swim and move around.

vast space

3. Getting rid of dirt in the aquarium

Do your weekly cleaning of the aquarium so as to get rid of wastes and keep your goldfish healthy.

4. Buy a filter for your aquarium

Never forget to put a filter on your aquarium so that your pet will not be able to inhale toxic wastes.


5. Don’t starve them to death

Be consistent in feeding. Goldfishes are always hungry but you should also be careful because you might over feed them. You should only feed your pet once a day and within two minutes. Over feeding may cause wastes to increase and harm to them.


6.Fans of hide-and-seek

Goldfishes are also used to have hiding places. In your aquarium, you can buy items or hiding places for them.

hiding places

7. Even pets do not want to be alone

It is also advisable that you buy a companion for your fish so he won’t get lonely. Just make sure that the one you buy if of the same kind of the previous one or else they will just compete with each other.


8. Keep them healthy

Never give out food that is not good for the goldfish like biscuits and other unnecessary stuffs.

healthy fish

Even though fishes might not be as active as other pets like dogs, cats or hamsters, they also deserve to be treated right. Goldfishes are beautiful creatures and you should do anything to keep them alive. Losing a pet is like losing a friend so as a responsible owner, you should always find time to maintain a clean environment for your fish and play with them so they won’t get too lonely.