3 Animated Movies that’ll Brighten Up Any Aquarium

I always take the chance to see the world through a child’s eyes. After all, everything seems so simple and beautiful when we were young! And when visiting child-friendly venues, such as aquariums, I try to let my mind’s eye do its magic. Letting loose and appreciating the wonders of an aquarium are effectively doubled if I have an animated movie in mind. It even helps if I get to watch a movie before an aquarium visit. Not only will I get to enjoy the sights and wonders of marine wildlife through a kid’s perspective, I get to also get another view and hindsight with the animated movie to back me up. So for a definite and brighter time in the aquarium, try to check these flicks out first:

The Little Mermaid
It’s under the sea, so does Sebastian, the wonderful red trinidadian crab of The Little Mermaid sings. An exciting and wonderful world can actually be found in the many marine exhibits found in the numerous aquariums out there, with the Disney Classic giving much more emphasis on it. Like Ariel, the darling mermaid of the film, who longs to be part of our world, we all want to be part of hers. A plus with this movie is the many life lessons (such as true love conquers all) one can pick up from it.

Finding Nemo
For a more contemporary look on marine wildlife, check out the computer graphic hit movie, Finding Nemo. With the amount of detail and capture done on depicting sea life, it’s such a treat to watch this movie. Clown fishes get much-needed appreciation in this flick, with the main characters being as such. What’s more, marine welfare is put to a greater light in the film, which is always a good thing for animal advocates and aquarium staff members. And the story is so good – the importance of familial bonds – that people from all ages are sure to learn a lot from it.

Blue Submarine No. 6
Though not necessarily a kid film, Blue Submarine No. 6 shows the power of Japanese Animation. Featuring a post-apocalyptic world (where almost all continents are already submerged by the oceans), this anime highlights both hand-drawn cel shots and the latest of 3D animation. Aquariums are not left out in the mix, for Blue Submarine No. 6 mainly deals with the repercussions of global warming, and how (in a strange, fictional way) the beings of the seas can get back on mankind.

Water-themed animation movies can accent one’s aquarium visits. The films listed in this article pertain to certain age groups, but they all bridge their respective points across. Try watching these films for a brighter aquarium visit!