3 Sights and Wonders of the Aquarium of the Pacific

3 Sights and Wonders of the Aquarium of the Pacific logoJust across the the Long Beach Convention Center in California, you’ll notice a rather stunning and unique structure. With a beautiful grove of tropical trees complimenting the large building’s wavelike angles, this marvelous architectural beauty is the Aquarium of the Pacific.

With an architectural design based on the Pacific Ocean’s temperaments, the Aquarium of the Pacific not only features a spectacular appearance, but contains a number of enlightening and awe-striking exhibits as well. With these wonderful features, it comes at no surprise that around 1.5 million visitors go to the Aquarium of the Pacific each year.

So what exactly are with the exhibits that attract this large amount of people to visit? Here are some of the main attractions of the Aquarium of the Pacific:

Ocean Science Center
The latest exhibit of the Aquarium of the Pacific, the Ocean Science’s center features a state-of-the-art viewable sphere. This sphere, called the National Oceanic & Atmosphere Administration (NOAA) Science on a Sphere, has four projectors to create a constantly revolving, instantly updated, global monitor of the Earth’s oceans. The 3D effect creates such an awe for visitors, that ocean conservation and marine biology is effectively communicated, in an unconventional yet sustainable manner.

Molina Animal Center
The thing with most aquariums is you just get to view the marine life swimming in a controlled area. The Aquarium of the Pacific’s Molina Animal Center not only lets the public view these animals, but informs and even gives them hands-on training on marine animal welfare. The animal hospital comes equipped with the latest on medical equipment, ensuring its patients that the best care and treatment are to be administered. Interactive kiosks and live video feeds help visitors – especially children – know that the animals are well taken care of.

Shark Lagoon
One of the Aquarium of the Pacific’s most visited attractions, the Shark Lagoon holds almost 150 species of shark. Understanding that sharks are often the most misunderstood creatures in the sea, the Aquarium of the Pacific makes sure proper information is disseminated to its visitors. Shallow pools in the Shark Lagoon allow visitors to safely touch and interact with the harmless variety of sharks, while the large predatory ones can be viewed in large safety panels. Also, a playground shaped like an underwater squid allows children to both learn and play – the playground comes with an interactive system explaining how certain animals avoid being a shark’s meal.

3 Sights and Wonders of the Aquarium of the Pacific 2

With diverse offerings for the marine-loving public, the Aquarium of the Pacific is a place deserving for any family’s vacation. Visit this wonderful place to discover the sights and wonders of the great blue sea.