5 Sea World San Diego HIghlights

If you are the type of person greatly fascinated and amazed by adorable and charming animals, then Sea World San Diego is the right place for your entertainment pleasure. It is an animal theme park, oceanarium, and marine mammal park, all at one place. It is located at San Diego, California and it is one of the places in San Diego that is most visited by tourists. Sea World San Diego is an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. There are truly a lot of things that one can see and experience in this exciting and wonderful park. In order to help you choose the things that you will do at the San Diego Sea World, here are some of the most popular sights and activities.

The first would be none other than Journey to Atlantis, which is a wild and fun roller coaster ride in the theme park. It is a rollercoaster ride set in an Atlantis themed world, with water everywhere. The rail slopes of the roller coaster are high enough to give you the needed adrenaline rush, but not too steep to make you vomit. Most of the rail slopes end up in the water, thus, making an enormous splash at the end which adds up to the fun of the whole ride.

The Second is Rocky Point Preserve, where the adorable bottleneck dolphins are on exhibit in a big pool. What people will find the most exciting and inviting about the Rocky Point Preserve is that guests can readily pet these cute dolphins. They can also interact with these water creatures by purchasing fish to feed them.

The third is Sea World Sky Tower, which is a 320 foot high tower built in 1969. This is actually a ride which can give passengers a six minute view of the whole Sea World and San Diego. This exhilarating ride was restored in the year 2002 with a new capsule. The Sky Tower rises at a rate of 150 feet per minute, while at the same time spinning slowly.

The third would be the Shipwreck Rapids, which is a thrilling raft ride that takes a journey into the shipwrecks of the deep blue sea with a bunch of twists and turns. Passengers ride in a circular raft with a steering wheel at the center, that can help them control the movements in the wild and roaring river. At one point, riders will see a live turtle exhibit.

The fourth would be the Killer Whales Exhibit and Beluga Whales Exhibit. The Killer Whale exhibit is the main attraction that Sea World has to offer. Six of these killer whales are housed in 7-million gallon water habitats, which are called Shamu Stadiums. The name originated from the first Killler Whale that came to the San Diego Sea World in 1965. Shamu now is used as a stage name for killer whale performers at the stadium, although all whales have their different names. The Beluga whales on the other hand are called Allua, from Vancouver; Ferdinand, from Duisburg Zoo; Nanuq, also from Vancouver; and Ruby, from the US Navy Marine Mammal Program.

The last would be the Penguins Exhibit, featuring over 300 penguins coming from seven amazing different species – Emperors, Kings, Gentoos, Macaronis, Adelies, Magellanics, and Humboldts. Interestingly, other than Sea World SD, there is only one more place where Emperor penguins are kept and bred. The penguins do not have names, but are identified through colored arm bands.

Visiting Sea World San Diego is truly an exciting way to spend your time when you get to visit San Diego. There are so many exciting rides and exhibits to see that will give one a thrilling or warm feeling. It is the best way to spend a fun and wonderful time with your friends and family.