Amazing Aquarium Designs for Your Home

Visiting aquariums never fails to amaze people. Aside from the thousands of species of animals that you’ll see when you go there, you’d also be able to wonder at the seemingly intricate and well designed aquariums in the place. But if you are given the chance to have your own aquarium at home, how would it look like? Do away with the conventional bowl or rectangular-shaped aquarium. It’s time you make way for these three amazing aquarium designs that could leave anyone who visits your home stunned and mesmerized.

If there is a home aquarium worth a second– or perhaps even a third– look, it would definitely be the freestanding Silverfish aquarium created by the Octopus Studios design company. The aquarium has a multiple bulb-like fish tanks that are basically connected by tubes filled with water where your favorite fish can freely swim around. But what actually makes the Silverfish cool is due to the fact that it is handmade and can be personalized to suit your preferences. They are also installed with a quality heating and filtration systems as well as an inclusion of personalized silk plants and lighting.

Who says the word infinity can only be applied to pools? Then see the Zero Edge aquarium for yourself. These aquariums come in a variety of sizes and models but here’s the catch– they have no lid.Instead, a Zero Edge comes with a customized basin that is placed within the aquarium. Thus, when the water overflows the aquarium, it just drops along the side into the basin and then is just recycled into the aquarium. The Zero Edge truly promises a 360 degree amazing fish viewing experience you’d love to see every time you go home.

Free up your living room space with the Aqua Square Coffee Table Aquarium. This 25 gallon tank designed by Midwest Tropical is basically an aquarium covered by a glass table top that about 36 inches squared. It is lighted from below, creating a breathtaking effect especially in  a darkened room. And you don’t have to worry about its maintenance as it is relatively easy to clean.

Talk about efficiency and creativity when you choose to have one of these innovative aquariums right inside your home. Whether you choose to have a multiple bulb-like aquarium like Silverfish; an edgeless aquarium like that of Zero Edge; or an aquarium that can serve as a coffee table like Aqua Square, you’ll surely add more beauty and sophistication to your home.