Anglesey Sea Zoo: A Short-Snouted Seahorse’s Haven

When it comes to saving short-snouted seahorses’ lives, no aquarium does it better than Anglesey Sea Zoo. Located in the south coast of Anglesey Island, North Wales, the quiet and relaxing marine research and education center is just one of the very few places in the whole world where short-snouted seahorse breeding is being continuously implemented in a very successful manner.

The Anglesey Sea Zoo first opened its doors in 1983, right on an oyster hatchery’s site. It’s main highlights then were just its marine life, which ranged from 50 local marine species. It was only recently – 2007 to be exact – that the center was sold to marine research ecologists, prompting and instilling marine breeding conservation as part of the aquarium’s attraction. Since then, the Angelesey Sea Zoo’s marine displays have grown to showcasing as much as 150 native marine species.

The marine wildlife breeding and conservation programs main feature is the short-snouted seahorse breeding. According to the zoo, seashorses have held a plight as being sold off as sea curiosities, illegal aquarium pets, even being turned into alternative medicines. By simply visiting the Anglesey Sea Zoo, one can help on saving and supporting seahorse breeding – breeding funds are generated from the aquarium visits.  Aside from breeding short-snouted seahorses, the zoo also manages the Lobster Hatchery of Wales.

The aquarium also has an marine animal rescue center. At the rescue center, one can learn how to save sick or stranded marine animals. Common rescued marine animals in the center are whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals, turtles and sea birds.

Other than its diverse marine wildlife and marine research and conversation facilities, the Anglesey Sea Zoo has the Lighthouse Bistro, a health and environment-conscious food establishment. To make each aquarium guest’s visit memorable, the Lighthouse Bistro offers food made out of ingredients sourced out ethically, ensuring the quality of each meal.

Marketed as the largest aquarium in Wales, Anglesey Sea Zoo has proven to be a Welsh tourist stop. Join in the fun (and seahorse breeding help) by simply visiting this marine center.