Aquarium of the Lakes: 20,000 Leagues Under a Lake

Captain Nemo from Jules Verne’s classic novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea sure had it lucky. He got to explore and see wonderful sea creatures in his massive submarine, the Nautilus. Though you won’t be reading about on how to get a ride on that submarine, you’ll get to know more of the next big thing – a virtual diving bell.

The Aquarium of the Lakes (recently rebranded, now known as the Lakes Aquarium) now lets visitors discover and explore the sea how Captain Nemo did it – sans getting wet. The Virtual Diving Bell incorporates and lets passengers to virtually interact with all sorts of marine wildlife. From sharks swimming blindly to the smell of blood around the diving bell, to crocodile attacks and mad hippo chases, the Virtual Diving Bell generates the lifelike images of lake creatures all over the world via 3, 2-meter diameter semi-spherical screens.

But for a more hands-on, natural approach, Lakes Aquarium still and offers a greatly improved aquarium education and conservation tour. Recently added to their programs – and to the appeal of aquarium visitors – are Mia, Smudge, Stan and Oily. These cute Asian otters swim out to entertain visitors observing the main underwater tunnel. Conveniently, their enclosure has a secret tunnel linked to the viewers’ tunnels.

Going with their rebranded theme of being a center catering to lakes from all over the world, Lakes Aquarium now features freshwater and seawater animals from almost all major continents. The underwater tunnels have been specially designed to simulate on what goes on in the different waterways of the world.

And to strengthen conservation efforts, specifically on Monk Seals conversation, Lakes Aquarium has recently partnered with other marine eco-groups. Lakes Aquarium and other marine wildlife sites (ex. Blackpool Zoo and Bournemouth Oceanarium) converge on creating CBD-Habitat Mauritania, a cause that hopes to create a sustainable habitat for the monk seals.

So if you’d like to experience life as a contemporary Captain Nemo – with the safe, fun and eco-friendly edge – visit Lakes Aquarium at Lake Windermere, Lakeside, Newby Bridge, Cumbria. The aquarium is also accessible via train and boat, for a safer, faster means of travel.