Aquarium Wonders: What is the Bloop?

Aquariums, aside from being venues for education and the occasional recreation, also offer strange things. Admit  it – the first time you saw a jellyfish (or any of the those squirmy and gelatinous sea creatures out there), you actually thought it was an alien being! It’s all part of the secrets hidden in the deep seas, that make most aquariums such a great place to visit. But do you know that there are actually more secrets that has yet to be exposed in the oceans? There may even be sinister forces below us – such as the “Bloop”!

In the year 1997, something really strange happened. By means of the Equatorial Pacific Ocean autonomous hydrophone array (which was originally used to detect deep-sea submarines), a bizarre sound was recorded. Although it lasted for just over a minute, the loud, somehow organic sound was recorded by sensors of up to 5,000 km apart. It’s as surreal as it gets, as there has been no explanation to date on to offer what exactly caused the sound. Yet, as the years have passed by, researchers – professionals, scientists and whatnot – have passed each and their own conclusions. Let’s check out some of the possible reasons of this sound – which was dubbed as the “Bloop” – and hope that it wouldn’t be the stuff of dark dreams.

It wouldn’t come as a surprise that a whale actually caused the Bloop sound. After all, these gentle oceanic giants are known to roam the deepest waters, with audio recordings of whales available to the public. If ever the bloop turned out to be a whale, it has to be a big one – according to experts, the Bloop was several times louder than the loudest whale call recorded, so that has got to be one gigantic whale!

Submarines aren’t left out of the equation. Technology does surprise us a lot, that we tend to not notice the most common and recent advancements. Who knows, the Bloop may be a top secret government project, a bizarre deep sea submarine diving down in the deepest rifts of the seven seas!

Sea Monsters
It may sound far-fetched for some, but the Bloop may actually be a sea monster – or just an animal waiting to be discovered. Think about this: nautical history once deemed giant squids as fictional entities, used to terrorize ships and sailors from actually voyaging towards some remote parts of an ocean. Contemporary literature – and research – states otherwise. Giant squids actually exist! Going back to the Bloop, if it really is an animal, we can probably all agree that it’s a gigantic – and possibly terrifying – creature. As an additional and actual scary note, the Bloop is located near the Pacific pole of inaccessibility (no land mass at sight at all), with its coordinates relatively near R’lyeh.  R’lyeh just so happened to be H.P. Lovecraft’s proposed location of where his monstrous literary creature, the demonic entity Cthulhu was believed to rest in. Now how bizarre and coincidental can that get – stranger than fiction indeed!

Until we actually find out what the Bloop really is, we are all left to our own devices – our imagination. Though any aquarium may not actually house the Bloop in the near future – if it is a living creature at all – by sparking buzz in the ocean’s unknown, one can create awareness and interest in the actual sea as well. Until then, let’s all hope that the worst will not happen to us, that the Bloop isn’t a surreal monstrosity waking up from its sleep!