Brindleyplace’s National Sea Life Centre

Brindleyplace’s National Sea Life Centre Tourists and the locals who live in Birmingham, England have the National Sea Life Centre to thank for their excellent excursions and adventures under the sea. This popular museum is proud of its 60 marine life and freshwater exhibits. It boasts of an ocean tank with a see-through underwater passageway that contains a million litres of water and holds fish from the tropical reefs, blacktip reef sharks, and huge jade-colored sea turtles. Sir Normam Foster is the man who designed the facility, but he strangely removed the project from his resume because reports stated that he was put to shame when the building was finalized!

The National Sea Life Centre can be found beside the Main Line Canal belonging to Birmigham Canal Navigations. Visitors can access this location by passing by the Old Turn Junction which goes against the National Indoor Arena. This famous tourist spot was opened to the public in the spring of 1996. During the Victorian period, this area became the site for two Oozells Stree Wharf canal basins.

People who are visiting the National Sea Life Centre will be pleased to know that the structure provides a thorough programme for the breeding of seahorses, and visitors have the rare privilege of witnessing seahorses of various species give birth.

A woman interacts with a sealion at the Sealife Center in Seward

Other exhibits display other water creatures such as otters, sting rays, sharks, lobsters, sea turtles that are green in color, horseshoe crabs, and a huge octopus that was captured somewhere in the Pacific.

During the 2nd quarter of 2009, the National Sea Life Centre let the public know about an innovative attraction known as the “Sensorama 4-D Cinema” which provided an interactive experience for the viewers. Apart from the film that must be viewed with 3-D glasses, viewers were either lightly sprayed with salt, gusts of wind, or other encounters that are film specific.