Debunking Myths About Great White Sharks

Admit it– you are afraid of sharks. Well, I can’t blame you on that. The movie industry has put these sharks in a bad light, telling people that they are nothing but ferocious predators ready to gorge innocent human beings at sea. It’s high time we debunk those myths swimming around sharks. Take this quiz  and know if you too, need to change your opinion about them.

Sharks have very poor vision that’s why they often mistake divers for seals.

Sharks use their teeth to feed their curiosity.

Sharks love to eat people.


FALSE. Sharks don’t need eyeglasses.
The most common myth revolving around these seemingly ferocious great white sharks is that they have poor eyesight– commonly mistaking people (especially those in wet suits) to be seals and sea lions– their main prey. However, this is completely false. In fact, they are actually sharp sighted– and they see in color, that’s why it’s erroneous to think that great whites often mistake humans for other prey. A study on sharks noted that the behavior of the great whites when devouring their favorite meal are very much different when it approaches people. They are violent when attacking sea lions while it’s just about “leisure” biting when it comes to humans.

TRUE. Sharks do a lot of biting to feed their curiosity.
Contrary to popular belief that sharks attack violently and really fast, it’s actually very typical for a great white to swim up to the surface in a very serene pace, take a bite, then swim off again. Great white sharks are very investigative and curious in nature. Sharks basically use their teeth in as much the same way as humans use their hands. So when a great white bites into something, it only means that it’s trying to figure out what that object is. This behavior only means that the shark’s goal when surfacing the waters is not predation but rather or perhaps, merely out of curiosity.

FALSE. Cases of human attacked by sharks are only rare.
Sharks love to bite things, I mean, it’s in their nature. But they don’t eat people. In fact, they don’t like people to be included in their menu. Why? Because we are too bony. Great whites are actually quite selective as to what they eat for they have poor digestive tracts. The main reason why seals are a favorite of great white sharks is because they have pure fat which provides twice the calories  of muscle that sharks need.

Still hate sharks? Well, there’s so much to know and love about these great creatures of the sea. Although you may not be advised to actually touch and get near one when you go diving, it would be much better if we just leave them alone (stop catching them for their fins). After all, we humans can be more scary than sharks sometimes.