EVENTS VENUE: Hold Special Occasions Only At Long Island Aquarium

   Are you planning to celebrate a special day or a milestone in your life but are not sure where to hold it? If you are after something new and really exciting, then you can choose to party at the Long Island Aquarium in Colorado. The aquarium not only boasts of the wide array of sea creatures that you can view in their different exhibits but it also caters to different social functions and events. Whatever your event and preferences, Long Island Aquarium will ensure that you will have a fun and memorable time.

Weddings are once in a lifetime celebrations that only deserve to be done in a unique setting. Long Island Aquarium can provide you with a one-of-a-kind backdrop for your wedding reception– from their awe-inspiring waterfall to their breathtaking 120,000-gallon Lost City of Atlantis Shark Exhibit along the Peconic River, your wedding will surely be remembered by you and your guests. Aside from that, the aquarium also offers affordable and quality services and exquisite cuisine that you can customize depending on your budget and preferences. Furthermore, it is great to celebrate your special day at Long Island Aquarium because they only host one reception at a time so you’ll be assured that all the time is definitely yours.

Long Island Aquarium is sure to create a festive atmosphere whatever your event may be: birthdays, proms, reunions, christenings as well as engagement parties. Let your guests take on a journey privately through the ruins of the Lost City of Atlantis and allow them to savor the wide and captivating array of exhibits that make Long Island Aquarium a very special place. Aside from that, you can also choose from a variety of dining options that will suit your special event, including a seated dinner reception, cocktail party or even a buffet dinner. Your guests will definitely get to enjoy masterfully prepared cuisine when you hold your event at the aquarium.

You can also hold corporate events at the Long Island Aquarium. It will definitely add interest and excitement to your function because it can accommodate as many as 500 guests. Whether you are just planning to bring people closer, recognize top performers, celebrate accomplishments or raise funds for your organization, choosing Long Island Aquarium as a venue will guarantee your guests an unforgettable experience they’ll surely keep forever.

Long Island Aquarium offers more than marine exhibits but could also be the perfect venue to hold your special events. Whether it is a wedding, a social or corporate event, the place can definitely provide you with breathtaking sceneries, sumptuous food as well as fond memories you’ll surely love to keep.