Fictional Submarines that would give Aquarium Visits a Blast

Aquariums, for some, are the public’s eyes on the deep blue recesses of the world’s oceans. It’s the closest thing on being a fish – or in a human’s case, being inside a submarine. And speaking of submarines, how fun would it be to ride in one! Imagine the possibilities of having to explore the deepest seas, to explore a wonderful world of the unknown. Let’s boost up our imagination – how about seeing the seven seas inside a fictional submarine? Let’s check out this short and quick list on some of the most exciting submarines, that would probably give aquarium visits a blast (if ever there are those themed in these vehicles)!

seaQuest DSV
It’s one of the the most underrated sci-fi shows to hit the 90s (probably no one knows it – those lucky to have watched the show may have forgotten parts of it by now), but the seaQuest DSV series can very well stand on its own as one of the best underwater themed shows to hit the boob tube ever. Featuring a state-of-the-art submarine, that explores the oceans for resources from the deep, it’ll come at no surprise that people who actually watched the series would just remember the sub! Later parts of the series would actually show the seaQuest submarine battling it out with alien nautical forces, showing a different – and exciting – level of maritime warfare. Also, the show can partly be remembered with its mascot – a talking dolphin. If there’s one thing that aquariums can hope to get out of this show, is the wish for their animals to actually talk!

Nautilus (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)
The movie version of the wonderful graphic novel that depicts various characters from all sorts of literature may be considered as a flop for some, but Captain Nemo’s sleek submarine is always a highlight for fanboys (comic, booklover, scale-model enthusiast and maritime navigation alike) everywhere. The technologically-advanced Nautilus, able to submerge in almost any part of the world, not only travels in faster-than-normal knots, but comes with one of the most unique designs ever. The submarine looks like a sword piercing its way through the most violent seas! As a plus, it comes with the most able crew ever (not counting the various supercharacters onboard)!

Space Carrier Blue Noah (Thundersub)
It’s a classic – for me, that is – but nothing will beat the powerful Blue Noah. As the only answer against an alien attack (which incidentally flooded the entire world, leaving just the tips of some major continents inhabitable to stay in), the Blue Noah/Thundersub was not only an aircraft-carrier (sporting various weapons and vehicles, including a state-of-the-art helicopter), but it’s actually two submarines in one. The smaller sub, a conventional sub that features high-end equipment, often takes the stage during stealth missions. What makes the Blue Noah such a hit for me is not only its equipment, but its mission on saving the Earth (as a side note, the anime can be considered as a statement of saving the seas, particularly in the episode of the aliens’ destruction of the Great Barrier Reef).

It may not happen – it’s too far-fetched to happen in real life – but aquarium visits can be taken to a higher level if these submarines can be used as thematic guides. Nothing beats seeing the wonders of the oceans through the eyes of something different. If you think about it, it can be one surreal – and educational – trip!