Four Most Intelligent Sea Creatures

Are you amazed whenever your pet dog would follow the rules that you say– sit, crawl, fetch? Animals can sure be fascinating, as if they have some sort of intellectual ability just like humans. Well, they do! In fact, even creatures from under the sea have their own intelligence to boast. Here are some of the most intelligent sea creatures that can challenge the human brain capacity.

No wonder why dolphins have always been one of the favorite sea animals that are featured in various movies and TV programs as they are the smartest aquatic animals. This is evident for the fact that they can actually recognize themselves in front of a mirror. Aside from that, they are also easy to train and can hold tools using their teeth. Imagine a dolphin painting! The dolphins’ whistling sound is the most organized communication system among creatures in the underwater world.

Whales are the perfect example of body and brains as they too are considered one of the smartest sea creatures ever. They make use of their own language to communicate and locate their relatives even from miles aways in the sea. Whales also have  strong friendships in a group. As they swim the depths of the water, they “sing” with their sound– and can actually do them well.

Never take for granted an octopus’ mind power. Truth is, they are the most intelligent among all invertebrates for they can actually change colors in a second. Whatever it is– a seaweed,  a crab or a coral, they sure can mimic it. Furthermore, their tentacles are so powerful, they can use it as a tool to open bottles.

Very much like the octopus, which  is a cephalopod, cuttlefish is also considered as a highly intelligent sea creature. Not only does it have similar abilities as to that of the octopus, but it also has excellent communication skills and can easily adapt its behavior depending on which creature it is interacting with. Surely this sea creature is intelligent as it also employs deception particularly with males adopting female colors and forms to get ahead of their rivals and mate with females.

These sea creatures are intelligent in their own little ways. Their skills and abilities help them survive living in ferocious waters. We may be more intelligent than the dolphin, whale, octopus and cuttlefish but we surely can learn something from them, that is– it’s always good to have something between our ears!