Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary

Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary LogoIn the midst of Norfolk, United Kingdom, lies a beautiful sanctuary for a diverse collection of marine animals, ranging from penguins to seals and many more. Aptly called the Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary, it is designed to provide a shelter for all marine animals (sick, endangered or otherwise), as well as to create general public awareness of these creatures and marine environment in general.

The Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary is divided into four different categories – Penguins, Otters, Aquarium and Seals. Each facility offers an amazing display of varied marine animals, complete with detailed information on each creature. One of its primary attraction is its comprehensive Seal Rescue Facility and Treatment Centre, which enables tourists to view how seals are rescued and taken care of by the well-trained and professional staff.

Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary
In addition, tourists can also view some of the most scariest and weird-looking sea animals in its latest facility called Scary Monsters. Meanwhile, kids and even kids-at-heart can have their pirate adventure in the Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary’s Pirate Adventure Playground. Other amenities of the place include a gift shop, a café and a picnic area.
Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary lobby

Aside from providing the public education on marine life, this amazing marine sanctuary also has a unique feature called Adoption, which enables anyone to adopt one of the resident seals or any of the other marine animals. An individual to adpot a marine creature is entitled to many benefits. An example of one great benefit is an invitation on the animal’s release day. Furthermore, new animals are added to the sanctuary, including the Cuvier’s dwarf crocodiles.

For those interested in discovering about marine life, Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary is open to the public all year round except on Christmas Day. And with and admission rate that ranges from $13 to $17, it offers everyone an amazing tour of the diverse marine life. It’s definitely worth the price, for all of the many attractions and things to do in this place!