Mythical Sea Monsters of All-Time

Long before sea voyages and explorations, people have believed that there are dangerous monsters roaming around the seas. While there are lot of things about land that has been discovered, the majority of the ocean are yet to be explored by humans. Now these monster sightings have now been deemed as myths and are reduced to just mere misinterpretation. But it will never hurt to use one’s imagination once in a while. So brace yourself and know four of the great mythical sea monsters that harbored fear among people for centuries.

KRAKEN. One of the most renowned sea monster of all time is no other than the Kraken, thought by many people from the past to be an enormous octopus of about 110 feet long which terrorized ships off the coast of the countries of Iceland and Norway. It is believed to pull ships under with its great powerful tentacles, leaving only a large whirlpool behind as it dives deep into the water.

LIQUID SNAKE. Another famous mythical sea monster would be the liquid snake, the thing that you would most likely see gracing the corner of an old map. There are also a lot of numerous notes about it attacking ships, although its attacks are believed to be a lot milder than the great Kraken.

LOCH NESS MONSTER. The Loch Ness or Nessie is another popular sea monster which dwelt on the minds of sea explorers of the olden times. People who accounted sightings of this creature roaming the seas described its humped back body submerged, with only its neck above the water. There had been a lot of attempts done to make sure that the creature really exists, but even with the use of highly advanced sonar and satellite technology, the search was in vain. Thus, the nessie was deemed to be purely a myth.

MERMAIDS. People love to call these mythical fish women, mermaids. In fact, there has been a lot of stories and tales that revolve around these sea monster that is described to be a half person and a half fish. One interesting tale about these mermaids is that they invite men to go underwater and in some cases deliberately drown them.

People’s imagination is vast as the sea. No one really knows for sure whether these creatures really roamed the oceans in the olden times. But one thing is for certain, it’s good news for voyagers and sea adventurers that the Kraken, Liquid Snake, Loch Ness and Mermaids are just considered myths– otherwise, people would fear going out into the water.