Piranhas: The monsters of the ocean

Have you ever heard of the saying that you should not put your fingers in an aquarium filled with piranhas because you will lose your fingers? For millions of years, piranhas have always been one of the sea creatures feared by humans. Piranhas are freshwater creatures also known as caribes. They usually swim in numbers and attack small fishes in the sea with their razor sharp teeth. Movies have always shown piranhas eating people but the truth is, piranhas rarely attack humans and some would even rather swim alone than travel with the pack. There are a lot of types of piranhas and among these are the Red Belly piranhas, Black Piranhas, White piranhas, Gold piranhas, and Wimple piranhas.

1. Red-Bellied Piranha

The Red-bellied piranhas are known as the violent creatures of the sea. They usually attack dead or healthy animals with their razor-sharp teeth. They have red bellies and usually feed during the dawn. Even though they are cruel, red-bellied piranhas can still be kept as pets in aquariums as long as they’d be given dead animals and fishes as food.

red bellied

2. Black Piranhas

The Black Piranhas are the most feared type of piranha. They are rare and some even doubt their existence. These piranhas are very wild and aggressive that they would eat anything that moves. They usually feed on live animals and fishes. It is not advisable to keep a black piranha as a pet in a small aquarium because they are very aggressive and would eat any fish that is placed with them.

black piranha

3. White Piranhas

These are one of the biggest of the Piranhas. They are shy and they usually do not attack humans. They also feed on live animals and have a tendency to attack one of their types if it gets to weak and sick.

white piranha


4. Gold Piranhas

These types of piranhas have a concave head and a silverish coloration. They eat fish, shrimps and other crustaceans. They can be kept as a group as long as there is enough tank space.

gold piranha

5. Wimple piranha

The wimple piranha is not really a part of the piranhas but since their looks resemble the ones of the piranhas, they were included in this group. They inhabit clear freshwater lakes and streams and also feed on smaller fishes. They use their teeth to rip off scales from the body.

wimple piranha

Movies have led us to believe that we should fear piranhas because they will eat us alive. However, these creatures aren’t that bad after all. They may be aggressive and ferocious but they can still be kept as pets. Even though these fishes may look ugly and violent, people should also appreciate them because God made them and they are also beautiful in their own ways.