SeaWorld San Diego: 5 Educational Programs that you wouldn’t want to dare miss

SeaWorld San Diego HeadSea World San Diego, a hot family vacation destination, is popularly known for its large collection of diverse and exciting sea creatures. The rides and the shows are primarily the main highlights of this wonderful family aquarium. But aside from these attractions, do you know that Sea World San Diego provides educational programs as well? Well, let you and your family enjoy and learn more, by taking part of these spectacular educational programs.

SeaWorld San Diego

To give you an idea on what you can expect from Sea World San Diego’s educational programs, here are some of its major offerings: Dolphin Detectives For a fun and learning experience that you and your toddlers can enjoy, sign up for the Dolphin Detectives educational program. Featuring dolphin and whale mascots and puppets, children and adults alike will learn more of the sea’s deepest secrets. Games and songs are incorporated into the program, for a guaranteed memorable family bonding time. Holy Mackerel! What’s for Lunch? Ever wonder what sea creatures eat? In this fun educational program, participants get the opportunity to learn not only what fish gets eaten by which fish (and vice versa), but also how some of the mightiest sea predators hunt their prey.Mysteries of Marine Mammals Participants of this in-depth educational program are in for a treat. By being part of investigations handled by the Marine Science Investigation (MSI) team, adults and children can learn the many mysteries of the myriad of animal skeletal remains found on a San Diego beach. It’s like CSI – with animals as the unfortunate victims. Shamu Adventurers Let your kids join Shamu, Sea World’s killer whale mascot, in a once-in-a-lifetime adventure trip. Your kids get to play various roles, such as a pirate, a polar explorer and a safari leader, on an in-depth exploration tour of Sea World San Diego. Crafts and costume making, and fun animal interactions are part of this educational program. Family Fun Sleepover For the total family fun package that you’ve always been dreaming of, apply for this particular educational program. You’ll get to experience spending the night with the most playful of sea creatures such as dolphins; bunk right beside the calm glow of the aquarium, as sea creatures swim past by. It’s an unforgettable experience that you and your family will surely treasure. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Sea World San Diego provides even more educational programs to suit each family’s preference and/or needs. So next time you do visit Sea World San Diego, you may want to check these educational programs for a different yet stimulating fun time with the family.