Summer at SeaWorld Orlando – 3 fun yet educational attractions worth seeing

Summer at SeaWorld Orlando logoSea World Orlando, known to be a popular summer holiday destination for tourists everywhere, not only provides quality entertainment, but educational programs as well. You may want to have this on mind when you spend your next summer there with your kids.

So what can your kids – and possibly you – learn in Sea World Orlando’s educational programs? Here are some of the educational program’s highlights:

Day Camps
Kids of all ages will get to enjoy and learn from some of the best Sea World marine camp counselors. To accommodate a child’s age and interest, different day camp courses are offered. The Seafari day camp allows preschool students to have an up-close interaction with penguins and manatees. What’s for lunch, a day camp meant for children belonging to the 2nd and 3rd grade, discusses and explores a typical diet for certain animals. Children in this class will particularly enjoy the feeding sessions with dolphins and flamingos.

Resident Camps
5th to 12th grade students aren’t left out of the fun and learning in Sea World Orlando. The resident camp offerings provide in-depth information on animal behaviors, and as well career discussions for students interested on pursuing work in the marine and zoology fields. One of the main highlights in the resident camps is the Ocean Explorers camp, wherein participants get the opportunity to swim with dolphins and sharks. The career camps expose students on how exhibits are maintained and enriched; and how animals are taken care of and trained. And for an even better learning and fun experience, Sea World and Busch Gardens promos are also offered. These promos let participants discover more in these two educational theme parks.

Want to experience a wild nightlife? Enroll in Sea World Orlando’s sleepover programs for a night you won’t forget. Your family will bond more and learn more sleeping next to all sorts of marine animals such as dolphins, penguins – even polar bears! A pizza dinner and continental breakfast are included in the family package. It’ll be an underwater slumber party for you and the kids!

Summer at SeaWorld Orlando whale
Regardless of how you’d want you and your family spend the summer in Sea World Orlando, you can be sure that you’re just not going to have an extreme time with the marine animals and rides, but you can also have the opportunity to learn more about the ocean and its inhabitants as well. So next time you book a vacation in Sea World Orlando, try their educational programs. It’s a different – and maybe even better – way to experience your summer vacation.