The Angry Sirens Sing: 3 Fem-Empowered Songs to Listen to in Aquariums

Visiting your favorite aquarium can be an enjoyable and stress-relieving activity. It’s especially great, for those aquariums with closed-off hallways with pools of fishes serving as walls. You get to see how marine wildlife lives in a controlled and safe habitat! For women experiencing the bends, an aquarium visit is not only in order – it’s a must since it’s healthy for clearing one’s mind. So if you’re a woman down in the dumps – or just want to blow some steam off – heighten up your experience by listening to these female empowering songs:

Oceania (Bjork)
A close friend of mine once told me that Bjork’s an alien. The Icelandic superstar, with her deep vocal talent, can actually pull off as a cosmic being. And that’s the main reason why Bjork’s songs meant for aquarium visits. Her song, Oceania, serves as a tribute to the ocean as being everyone’s mother. Most appealing in this song, was its main live performance. Done during the 2004 Summer Olympics, it features Bjork in a large flowing gown (which stretches across an entire stadium!), emulating an ocean’s torrid waves. Such is the appeal of this song for the ocean, that it can actually help in helping one’s problems – after all, Bjork sings that we are all under one mother, that our problems are just specks of dust.

O’ Sailor (Fiona Apple)
Fiona Apple sure has things going. Known for her sulky voice and mind-blowing lyrics, the lithe singer brings women empowerment to the maximum. Just so, for museum visits, is her sombre song, O’ Sailor. If you ever encounter problems with the opposite sex (your sailor drifting away, of promises said and torn apart), then this song’s for you. Imagine listening to this while you see a school of fishes swimming by. It’s like seeing past the glass, glaring down your lover’s soul.

Caught a Lite Sneeze (Tori Amos)
It’s cold, it’s wet, you’re bound to catch a cold. That’s the thing with aquariums, if you’re not careful. And like how the angst-driven pianist, Tori Amos, sings, pain can be found in the most unlikely of places. Caught a Lite Sneeze matches up to aquarium visits, not because you can catch a cold, but because the song has a surreal vibe to it. Dark-lit aquarium hallways, with the main light source from the pools themselves, create a scene that you can found in dreams. It’s therapy for the troubled soul, accentuated by music and fishes.

Aquarium visits, for those experiencing the blues, can be cathartic. These Sirens can help women – and men – get out of their holes, and experience life anew. Try to listen to these songs next time you visit an aquarium.