The National Marine Aquarium

The National Marine Aquarium The deepest tank in all of Europe and the largest aquarium in Britain make up the National Marine Aquarium. While a lot of people may not like the entrance fees associated with this popular tourist attraction in Plymouth, England, this place is less expensive than other sea life or blue reef aquariums that require higher amounts of money.

An average visitor can skim through the facility in 60 minutes if they so desire, but the tanks on display house a lot more than expected. These surprises will require visitors to devote time to check out the containers because there may be tiny creatures seeking refuge within the weeds or rocks, making visitors view a single tank for a long time!

The National Marine Aquarium 3

The highest floor of the structure is devoted to marine life that is native to the region. All of the things discovered in this area can be located in local waters, and it may surprise some visitors to the point of confusion. At the other side of the coin, the lowest floor plays host to a colorful and amazing arrangement of wonderful creatures from across the globe. Each tank is provided with a screen beside it so visitors can classify facts about the creatures living in them, and identify the creatures as well. The latest additions to the exhibits involve an imitation destroyed World War II Walrus plane in the biggest tanks of sharks, and the most enormous jellyfish display in all of Britain.

Visitors who may complain about the entrance fees must take into consideration the effort, devotion and time allotted to building the exhibits instead of simply viewing the sea creatures. The staff also have to provide the sea life with security, food and other amenities needed for their survival. Hopefully this will open the minds of the visitors and help them garner respect and admiration for these places and the dedicated staff that maintain them.