The reason why Manila Ocean Park is a must-see attraction

People use to travel all the way to Hong Kong to get a chance to see one of the most beautiful aquariums in the world at Ocean Park. However, Ocean Park has come to Manila! It is the very first marine-themed park in the Philippines wherein people can learn more about marine life and enjoy different activities with their family. There are a lot of things in store for you in the park so you better grab your family and friends and enjoy a day with the adorable creatures from the sea. Here is a list of some of the beautiful spots that you shouldn’t miss when you visit Manila Ocean Park.

  1. Oceanarium


The oceanarium is an underground tunnel wherein you can be able to take a peek on the beautiful marine creatures of Asia. Be amazed at the site of the fishes swimming just above you.

         2. The dance of the jellies


This part of the park takes you to a place where you will be able to witness different colors of jellyfishes dance in the dark. Watch these jellies glide and learn more about their kind.

3. Marine life show

sea lion

Marine life show gives you a short presentation of sea lions. They will give you a glimpse of the sea lions playing and interacting with humans.

4. Aquanaut voyage


The Aquanaut voyage gives you a chance to swim and interact with the sea creatures. You will be asked to wear a scuba diving outfit and you will be submerged underwater together with the fishes, sharks and other animals.

5. Boat ride

boat ride

The boat in Manila Ocean Park is built with a glass under it so that tourists can enjoy the view of the fishes without going under the water.

6.Fish spa

fish spa

The fish spa is an activity in the park wherein you can put your feet in a pool full of fishes and they’d give you a relaxing sensation. These fishes will clean your toes and remove dead skin on your hands and feet.

7. Swimming Pool


The Manila Ocean Park also has a swimming pool available to all its guests. If you’re feeling hot this summer, invite your friends and family and take a dip at Manila Ocean Park’s swimming pool.

8. Trip to Antarctica


Feel the freezing atmosphere at Manila Ocean Park’s trail to Antarctica wherein you get the chance to experience living in ice. This exciting part of the part shows you an exhibit of the wildlife in Antarctica and brief information about penguins. The Trail to Antarctica has four zones with exciting activities in store for you. It also features the longest ice slide in the country and an exhibit on penguins swimming and interacting with each other.

People don’t have to spend so much money to see the wonders of the sea because Manila Ocean Park gives them only the best. There are a lot of water activities for all ages and you will surely be amazed of the things you will see. So better hurry up and don’t miss the chance of going to this tourist attraction with your loved ones. You will definitely enjoy this once in a lifetime experience so visit Manila Ocean Park and discover the magnificence of the underwater world.