Why dolphins are such cool creatures

Dolphins are one of the most amiable creatures in the planet. They are exceptionally intelligent and friendly. They are known to have been interacting with humans for a long time now. In the beginning, human interaction was mainly limited to hunting dolphins. Years have passed; humans began the practice of capturing dolphins for research and entertainment. Dolphins travel along beside boats and look at people on the boats. They show interest in human beings as well as humans have in them. Dolphin lovers swim with them in some parks such as in Ocean Park, and do tricks and respond to the trainers.

As compared to other animals’ relationships; dolphins’ actions are easier to read. They love to socialize. Their playful interactions with some swimmers are noted in some materials. For instance, the Captive dolphins have been observed engaging in complex play behavior. They can produce and manipulate bubble rings.

They are always a part of amusement parks. The Dolphin Nursery Pool at Sea World Australia for instance is one of the kids’ favorites. It is known to house Sea World’s highly successful breeding program. The viewers get to see dolphins in the various stages of their life. It also shows mother and child interaction of dolphins. The Dolphin Nursery has a small, shaded pool where there is one baby dolphin. There is also an expectant mother at times swimming around the pool. From birth the baby dolphins learn fundamentals from their moms like how to leap and other tricks.

Just like humans, they play with other dolphins in the area.

As mentioned, dolphins are often regarded as one of Earth’s most intelligent animals. They can communicate both above and under the water. They are active and happy mammals. They occasionally leap above the water surface. Some dolphins such as the spinner dolphins tend to perform acrobatic stunts when leaping. Playing is important in their culture. Under the water, they play with each other, even with sea-weeds. They also know how to pester other creatures such as the seabirds and the turtles. They are good surfers and enjoy riding waves.

These marine mammals are surely one of the most talented and gifted animals in the world. As sociable animals, dolphins have proven to be one of the best partners humans can have on providing entertaining shows. This can be particularly shown on amusement parks, where dolphins have always been a highlight. The next time you actually see a dolphin, make sure to wave at it!