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Hudson River Park Estuarine Sanctuary Tickets

Hudson River Park Estuarine Sanctuary Aquarium Coupons


Hudson River ParkEstuarine Sanctuary
New York

Phone Number:
(212) 870-3070‎

Hudson River Park Estuarine Sanctuary Ticket Information

The Hudson River Park is divided into three habitats namely River, Land, and Air. There are hundreds of animals found in each of the habitat, and both children and adults can enjoy looking at. The animals in the River habitat are not only freshwater creatures but saltwater as well.

The River habitat is further categorized into three sections, Life in the Pile Fields, Fish and Plankton, and Bottom Dwellers.

The Bottom Dwellers section is especially interesting because of how the creatures look like. It gives the visitors a view of how unique deep-dwellers look like.

Apart from the three habitats present in the Hudson River Park, there are also other activities that visitors can enjoy such as boating and fishing. If you want a closer encounter with nature and the animals, going into the water is a really nice experience and a nice activity for family bonding.

Hudson River Park also takes part in some activities to promote education to children about ecology. Every year, the park hosts a summer program as part of their tradition.

Hudson River Park Estuarine Sanctuary Aquarium Coupons

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