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Do you want to visit an aquarium that will give you a best treatment upon arriving at the tour spot? Visiting Maine Aquarium can assure that you're well-treated and that there's always a friendly face ready to greet you. Upon walking to the aquarium, the beautiful sight of penguins will already give you a different kind of satisfaction. There are also various kinds of starfish and sea urchins that you and your family will enjoy observing. Seals will also catch your kids' attention and finally, inside the aquarium, a scenic display of various kinds of fish will dazzle you. These are just few of the things that you love about Maine Aquarium. If you just can't do the math when it comes to budgetting, here's a general admission guide:

Preschoolers (age 2-4): $2.50
Students (age 5-12): $4.50
Adults: $6.50
Seniors(age 62+): $5.50

There are also promos that can be taken advantage of like:

Getting discounts for AAA members
50% Discount for seniors every Wednesdays from October to April. For credit card users,

here are the credit cards accepted by the aquarium:

American Express
Master Card

Don't hesitate to give your kids a swell treat like aquarium tour. For more information about Maine Aquarium, you may visit their own website.

Maine Aquarium Coupons

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