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Memphis Zoological Garden and Aquarium Tickets

Memphis Zoological Garden and Aquarium Coupons


Memphis Zoological Garden Aquarium
2000 Prentiss Lane, Memphis, TN‎

Phone Number:
(901) 276-9453‎

Memphis Zoological Garden and Aquarium Ticket Information

Memphis Zoologican Garden and Aquarium is also known simply as Memphis Zoo. It's home to over 3,500 birds and land and aquatic animals.

The Memphis Aquarium is just one section of the whole zoo and is located in the West Zone. The aquarium is actually one of the oldest exhibits in the zoo and includes aquatic animals both from the freshwater and saltwater. There are 156 different species in the aquarium and some of the must-see animals include the clownfish,the Spanish hogfish, and the Emerald crab which is colored an attractive emerald green, hence the name.

The Memphis Aquarium is not the only mostly visited section in the park because the rest of the exhibits are equally interesting too.

There are also shows and several events that the zoo always have line up. There's the annual Zoo Camp where kids can have exciting games and activities and at the same time learn all about animals and how to help save them.

There's also the Junior Zoo Crew which is a program where marine biologists guide the kids through the amazing world underwater and the sandy beaches.

Memphis Zoological Garden and Aquarium Coupons

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