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Sea World Orlando Aquarium Tickets

Sea World Orlando Aquarium Coupons


Sea World Orlando Aquarium
7004 Sea Harbor Drive, Orlando, FL 32821

Phone Number:
(407) 351-3600

Sea World Orlando Aquarium Ticket Information

The aquariums at SeaWorld Orlando house thousands of different species of marine plants and animals.Millions of guests get to discover many sea creatures and ocean plants that they have never seen before.

Guests leave the aquarium displays still at awe at the richness of the life in our oceans.Kids scream with delight with wild sea creatures flipping their tails or exposing their saw-like teeth.

Aside from the displays, there are also different shows that feature different sea animals. Of course, there's the show of Shamu, a live show of killer whales.

Guests have the opportunity to see killer whales working with humans. The connection between the whales and their trainers continually delight millions of guests every year. Another popular show is the show of sea lions and otters. SeaWorld Orlando is more than just an amusement park.

It combines amusement, education and inspiration.

Sea World Orlando Aquarium Coupons

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