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Tennessee Chattanooga Aquarium Tickets

Tennessee Chattanooga Aquarium Coupons


Tennessee Aquarium
201 Chestnut Street, Chattanooga, TN‎

Phone Number:
(423) 265-0695

Tennessee Chattanooga Aquarium Ticket Information

The Tennessee Aquarium located in Chattanooga is known to be the second-largest freshwater aquarium in the whole world. It's massive and houses more than 12, 000 different kinds of animals,

from aquatic animals to reptiles to invertebrates, butterflies, and more. The aquarium is a place where you can take a self-guided tour and see three exhibits on living forests.

What's amazing about the exhibits is that they don't only feature different animals below the water surface, but also animals above it.

It's a complete and wonderful representation of nature and how we want to it to stay. The Tennessee Aquarium recently added a few more displays like shark tank and ray touch tank. Also, there's a newly added Butterfly Garden where different South American species are on display.

There's also the Boneless Beauties display, which is one of the crowd favorites, that features amazing creatures like cuttlefish, jellyfish, octopuses and spider crabs. There's also a new Penguin exhibit that people will get to enjoy when they visit the Tennessee Aquarium again.

Tennessee Chattanooga Aquarium Coupons

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