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2777 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96815

Phone Number:
(808) 923-9741

Waikiki Aquarium Ticket Information

There are so many things to learn, see and do at Waikiki Aquarium at Honolulu. The aquarium features a number of exhibits that focus on the marine life of the Hawaii and the Pacific Ocean.

You can find almost all discovered species in the Pacific Ocean right here at this aquarium. Some of exhibits are about corals, the endangered Hawaiian monk seal and more exhibits.

In some of those exhibits, you will see species of marine animals that even the most experienced scuba divers in the world haven't seen yet.

They were discovered in very deep and distant part of the Pacific Ocean.

There are areas where you can get up close to the sea creatures and touch and play with them.

Discover how rich the aquamarine life of Hawaii and Pacific Ocean is with a trip to Waikiki Aquarium.

Waikiki Aquarium Coupons

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